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Polish capital and Polish brands

The owner of Luna Corporate is Dawid Urban, founder of the eSmoking World chain, sold in 2016 to British American Tobacco.

Luna Corporate is an example of Polish capital and a Polish brand that are successful on the market. Thanks to the commitment of the entire team, Luna Corporate is developing dynamically, creating innovative products and gaining the trust of customers.

Distributor and producer in one

Having its own nicotine pouch production plant, Luna Corporate combines the role of distributor and manufacturer in one. Thanks to this, the company can provide favorable financial conditions and sell one of the best-known brands on the market. Own production gives full control over the manufacturing process and product quality, which translates into customer confidence and satisfaction. Luna Corporate is a dynamic company that uses its production capabilities to provide innovative nicotine products. Thanks to this, it provides a solid basis for the market and is a sure choice for people looking for an effective alternative to traditional cigarettes.

A team composed of the creators of the Polish vapor market

The Luna Corporate team is a group of experts who have been actively building the Polish vapor market since 2007. Dawid Urban, the owner and a key figure, has been involved in the development of this market from the very beginning. After the sale of eSmoking World, they decided to join forces again and focus on further developing the Luna Corporate brand. It is a team of experienced professionals who aim not only to achieve market success, but also to introduce innovative solutions and improve the quality of the products offered. Thanks to their experience and determination, Luna Corporate is a leading force in the Polish vapor industry.

Security of supplies

Thanks to the capital and its own production plant, Luna Corporate ensures the security of deliveries of its products. Regardless of the number of orders and market demand, the company can ensure a constant and uninterrupted supply of goods. Our own production plant allows us to control the production process, product quality and timely fulfillment of orders. This means that customers can rely on a consistent supplier that takes care of their needs and ensures reliability and continuity of supply. Security of supply is a key element of Luna Corporate's operations to meet the requirements of its customers and maintain their trust.

Complaints in 1:1 format

For us, the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we guarantee a 1:1 solution to complaints. If any of our products does not meet the customer's expectations, we are ready to replace it with a new one that will fully meet his expectations. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and excellent customer service, which is why we make every effort to ensure that each complaint is considered individually and fully satisfies our customers. We are convinced that our 1:1 solution will allow customers to enjoy shopping without any worries.

Focus on development and education

We believe in the power of development and education as key factors influencing sales growth. We have extensive competence in this area, which we have gained thanks to our over 15 years of experience on the Vapor market. We know how important it is to pass on knowledge to our customers so that they can take full advantage of our products. Our goal is to provide not only high-quality products, but also comprehensive knowledge that will help our customers fully exploit the potential of the Vapor market.

Product Safety and Compliance

We are confident that our products meet the highest safety and compliance standards. Our experienced team of specialists is dedicated to providing products of the highest quality. Not only do we know how to do it, but we also have extensive experience for it. Since 2007, we have proven our commitment to providing safe and compliant products. Our reputation is based on reliability and professionalism, which allows our customers to have complete confidence in our products. We are proud to deliver products that meet the highest industry standards.

New technologies

Discover new technologies with our application based on augmented reality (Augmented Reality). Thanks to it, our customers can easily locate points of sale of our products in various retail chains. This is an innovative solution that makes it easier for customers to find and purchase our products in the nearest place. By using our application, you can take full advantage of modern technologies that bring a new quality to your shopping experience. This is another step into the future of shopping, where technology and convenience go hand in hand.

The beginnings of Luna Corporate

Luna Corporate started its operations in 2021, specializing in the production and sale of nicotine pouches. In a short time, we gained the trust of customers and gained a position on the market. In March 2023, we decided to expand our offer with energy pouches and electronic cigarettes to meet the diverse needs of our customers. At the same time, Dawid Urban, full of passion and vision, became the owner of 100% of the company's shares, also engaging in day-to-day operational activities. Together, we make a well-coordinated team that continues the development and success of Luna Corporate.


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